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Stream your content across multiple channels with the ease of managing and measuring.

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Streaming platform tools that everybody can use

Tap into unexplored regions and expand your reach easily

With Berry Streams, create a growing
audience-base of millions

  • Fast content delivery network specifically for Improved OTT Viewership

    With latest technologies and interactive dashboards, you can customize OTT experience for viewers around the globe

    • Integrated Analytics
    • Premium Streaming Experience
    • Delivery APIs
    • 24×7 Support
  • Be in the game with Live Sports Streaming

    Let the sport stream reach viewers around the globe same time as the play on field

    • Global Content delivery
    • Host Content freely
    • Deliver across all devices
    • Excellent hands-on support
  • Communicate via Video, around the world without any glitches

    With stream wood video conferencing you can broadcast your video conference world-wide

    • High Quality Video
    • Secure and Easy Connectivity
    • Control what you share
  • Share knowledge and teach hundreds with Educational Streaming Solutions

    Our education streaming programs are specifically designed for easy use and high quality streaming

    • • Global reach
    • • High definition streaming
    • Easy to understand and use
    • Adaptive interface
  • Conquer the virtual world in Real with E-Sports Streaming Solutions

    Showcase your skills to the world and let your fans know you for the professional gamer you are

    • Delay options for protection
    • Secure and steady stream
    • Stream to Facebook and YouTube at the same time
    • Record gameplay for later

A complete VOD solution at a glance.

Powerful and easy-to-use video streaming tools.

Pay only for what you need.

Now cast your stream with our powerful Multistreaming services across
multiple social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and others.


Best for Beginners
and Developers

$100 /month

Private Calling, Conference Calling, Vloggers and Community Interactions

1 Stream
10 GB Storage
100 Concurrent Users
High Speed Encoding
No Bandwidth Restrictions
24/7 support
Plan Migration
No Live Transcoding
  • Pull Stream

    HLS, WebRTC, and RTMP

  • Deliver Stream

    HLS, Dash, WebRTC, RTMP,
    MP4, or RTSP

  • Adaptive

    SD or HD Variant

  • 3rd Party Publishing

    Your Website

  • Secure Streaming

    Authentication and DRM

  • Video Advertising



Best for Quality Seekers
and Professionals

$500 /month

Private Calling, Conference Calling, Media Channels and Broadcasters

3 Streams
100 GB storage
500 Concurrent users
High Speed Encoding
No Bandwidth Restrictions
24/7 support
Plan Migration
  • Pull Stream

    HLS, WebRTC, RTMP, MP4 or RTSP

  • Deliver Stream

    HLS, Dash, WebRTC, RTMP,
    MP4, or RTSP

  • Adaptive

    SD, HD and Ultra HD Variants

  • 3rd Party Publishing

    Your Website/App or Paid Additional Module

  • Secure Streaming

    Authentication and DRM

  • Video Advertising



Best for High Reach

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Let’s talk and tailor a solution that best fits your business needs.

Request no of Streams
Request no of GBs
Request Concurrent Users
High Speed Encoding
No Bandwidth Restrictions
24/7 support
Plan Migration
Custom SLAs
Big Events
  • Pull Stream

    HLS, WebRTC, RTMP, MP4, or RTSP

  • Deliver Stream

    HLS, Dash, WebRTC, RTMP,
    MP4, or RTSP

  • Adaptive

    2 SD, 2 HD and 2 Ultra HD Varaints

  • 3rd Party Publishing

    Upon Request

  • Secure Streaming

    Authentication, DRM, Geo-Restrictions and Device Restrictions

  • Video Advertising

    Upon Request

Real-Time Streaming Broadcast Video

Live video streaming solved. Broadcast video to millions in under 500 milliseconds.

A promise of endless possibilities

Connect, stream, manage, and expand your viewership with the best live streaming platform!
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What our customers say

" a fantastic experience

Overall, Berry Streams has given us a fantastic experience. We stream regularly to multiple platforms at the same time, and our social media reach & engagement have significantly increased. It's a fantastic value for money and a fantastic service.

- Fairoz Singapore

" exactly what I needed

The video player solution is exactly what I needed to taking my content streaming to the next level. Furthermore, the highly detailed insights are the added bonus that I’ve found to be very helpful in my future planning.

- Anna Norway

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Berry Streams?

    Berry Streams is an online video streaming platform that provides Video on Demand (VOD) solutions and Live streaming solutions for individuals, businesses, and organizations that require broadcasting solutions.

  • What is Berry Streams best for?

    No matter what your streaming purpose is, Berry Streams is best for every person who wants to host videos or stream content from gaming to broadcasting religious services and business meetings/conferences to Live TV and other purposes.

  • What type of subscription plan does Berry Streams offer?

    We have created subscription plans that can provide ease for users. As of now, we have two plans: All in one and multistream. Here every plan is customized according to your (corporation, company, or individual) requirements, needs, and specifications. Find out more about pricing here.

  • How do you differentiate between All in one package and multistream subscriptions?

    Multistream subscription plan comes with providing features for Multistreaming purposes such as chat integration, RTMP connection, simultaneous streams, multiple publishing destinations, different lay outs, previously recorded video, unlimited recording on cloud, and more. The All in one package is an all-out deal that includes everything your streaming plans need from video security, embedded HTML5 player, plans, on demand Video hosting (VOD) , and more.

  • Do I need anything else when I want to stream with Berry Streams?

    An encoder is required – whether hardware or software to go along with Berry Streams. We might be suggesting you some as a standard but any encoder that comes with a custom RTMP setup is just as good. If you want to, you can also use IP camera or different resources that are supported.

  • What about streaming to a custom RTMP destination?

    Within the Berry Streams dashboard you have the freedom to design a custom platform and that can help you stream to a custom RMTP destination.

  • When using Berry Streams, can I stream to multiple platforms?

    Of course! Berry Streams gives you the freedom to stream to more than 30 supported platforms.

  • Does Berry Streams support Chat integration?

    Of course it does. You can use chat integration for the purpose of chat message synchronization from a single or different yet multiple social media platforms. Via the embeddable HTML 5 player you can also engage audience.

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